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Chapel Reflection

5/11/18 - Sarah Ludvik

Today in Chapel we had the pleasure of listening to Grace Bible Church's student youth pastor, Joey Launi. Worship was led by Elizabeth Alexander, Zoe Ermen, Kyle Edwards, and Keegan Geis. The sermon was about fasting and how that impacts our daily lives. Rather than focusing on the food aspect of fasting, Mr. Launi spoke about how we have to face hardships before the storms. He explained how the Lord will reward us after these times of trial. When we fast, we are doing something difficult in order to become closer to the Lord. We often think the Lord has forgotten us when we are in the midst of difficult circumstances, but this is when the Lord is closest to us. If we didn’t have storms, we wouldn’t be able to grow deeper in our faith or learn new characteristics of the Lord. We are called to rejoice in the midst of suffering (Romans 5:3-5). Mr. Launi shared some of his testimony and how the Lord put Him through trials that eventually led him to accept Christ. Today was a great chapel as we were able to hear of the Lord’s faithfulness through the testimony of Mr. Launi.

Looking Forward: Our next two chapels will finish our series on Spiritual disciplines.  Next week’s chapel will feature Dr. Mark Davis, one of the science teachers at NCS, who will speak on the spiritual discipline of fasting.  The following chapel will feature two recent alumni, Jordan Rickman and Ashley Loefke, who will speak on staying disciplined in the college setting.  Please be in prayer for the few remaining chapels that we have this school year!

4/11/18 - Sarah Ludvik

In chapel this week, Kyle Edwards, Isabelle Tan, and Lilah Carroll led  worship. Emma Rimmer played the piano while Keegan Geis played guitar and Van Hippenstiel played the drums. Our speaker was Mr. Bo Whittington, the head facilities manager at our school. Mr. Whittington has been working at Norfolk Christian for more than 15 years. He has four children who have all attended Norfolk Christian. His two two youngest boys are currently still in the school.

Mr. Whittington spoke about Zacchaeus and the prodigal son. He introduced Christ as a hunter to us, a characteristic not often given to identify Christ. His overarching theme focused on Christ’s love for us and how He “hunts” us. Mr. Whittington spoke about how God is always pursuing us and chasing after us. The moment we turn to Christ, he is right there. Mr. Whittington has been in pastoral ministry for many years. He also serves NCS as the coach of our JJV football team. He continues to be a great leader for our school. His sermon was very touching and gave great revelation of God’s love for us.

Looking Forward: Our next chapel will begin our final series of the year that will carry through the final six chapels.  This series will be titled “Being Christian - Living the Christian Life.” Each speaker will cover a different spiritual discipline that has been meaningful in their own Christian life.  Our next chapel will be held on Wednesday, April 18th and it will feature Steve Doyle, a long time member of the faculty and staff at Norfolk Christian. He will be speaking on the importance of solitude in the Christian life.  The following week’s chapel will be held on Wednesday, April 25th, and Mr. Tyler Ashworth, our upper school director, will be speaking on the topic of giving.

3/14/18 - Mr. David Colonna

This week, our upper school students took part in gender-separate chapels.  The boys had the opportunity to hear from Kevin Vaughn, a middle school teacher in the Bible Department at NCS.  Mr. Vaughn spoke about “Lies that Men Believe” based on the story of Samson. He challenged the male students to consider their own lives and find the lies that they have believed that come from the world, and to counter those lies with the truths found in God’s Word.  The girls had the opportunity to hear from a guest speaker, Dr. Anna McGowan, an NCS parent who currently works for NASA. Dr. McGowan spoke to the female students about the ways that God has equipped her to serve in the field of science and how God has created each of them with unique giftings to glorify Him in many different fields and walks of life.  She challenged the students to consider how God has gifted them to serve Him. Both of these chapels ended with a time of prayer to reflect on and remember the families impacted by the act of violence that occurred at Parkland HS in Florida. The students were led in a time of prayer asking God to comfort the families impacted by this tragedy and that the Lord would continue to work in our nation and in our schools specifically.


2/28/18 - Paul Kastner

Chapel began today with worship led by our chapel worship team. We sang “Indescribable,” “Cannons,” and “You’re Beautiful” followed by a reading of Job 38:4-7 and Matthew 7:7. Tao Tang, a young man from China who has a heart for sharing the gospel with high school and college students, asked a pivotal question: Does our Christian faith hold up in the 21st Century? Science has come a long way, which makes one wonder if the scientific method is able to reveal everything there is to know about Christianity and the nature of God. Tang, inquisitive by nature, was intrigued by Christianity and endeavored to compare it against other philosophies.  After some time, however, Tang realized that Christianity is more than just reasons. One can reason and consider and make deductions about Christianity all one wants, but there are gaps in knowledge which science can’t fill. Why does altruism exist if it contradicts the laws of natural selection? How do we explain why moral law exists? The best answer that we can give through reason and science is that we don’t know, so these processes must be random. It is impossible to fully comprehend an infinite God with a finite human mind. One can intellectually know a person, yet know nothing about who that person is. Reasoning is important to creating a foundation for our faith and it is glorious, but God did not create us so that we may solely know about Him, but that we may have an intimate relationship with God. This relationship is the ultimate goal.  

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