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Chapel Reflection

12/6/17 Paul Kastner

In our second advent Chapel, we sang “God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen”, “What Child is This?”, and “Silent Night, Holy Night”. Our guest speaker from Trinity, Grant Gubser, spoke on preparing for Christ’s birth this December. Advent isn’t only about Jesus being born, it’s also about His second coming. We looked at Revelation 19:11 where it depicts Jesus coming down on a white horse as a conquering king. Waiting is only terrible when there is nothing to look forward to, but what we are expecting is so incredible it is worth waiting for. Additionally, part of waiting is preparing, and Advent is the time to prepare for His coming, both this Christmas and in the end times. Now is the time to reflect on one’s faith and get ready for Christ’s coming.  We don’t know when He will return, only that He will, so it is important to take time out to ground ourselves in scripture so that we will stand firm in the faith when that day comes.


11/29/17 - Ali Sherrill
This Wednesday marked the beginning of our series of Advent chapels in preparation for Christmas, and as such, the worship team opened by singing a few Christmas carols. Joey Launi, a pastor at Grace Bible church, came to speak to us about the importance of the true meaning of the advent season. Americans have a habit of looking forward to the sales at the mall instead of looking forward to the coming of Christ that we should celebrate each Christmas. But as Joey reminded us, even Charlie Brown recognized the importance of the story found in Luke 2. The sight of the host of angels terrified the shepherds. This gives way to the condition of their hearts; they stood in awe and wonder at the sight of the babe born in Bethlehem. Our attitude towards the birth of Jesus and the Christmas season should be similar. Hopefully, we experience some of the same feelings that the shepherds had, a desire to pursue the Savior and the excitement that came with it. The question we should really be asking ourselves, however, is, “Are we more excited for the presents under the tree, or for welcoming the Savior of the world, the Lamb of God, and the King of kings?”



11/15/17 - Paul Kastner

Every year, one chapel is set aside for celebrating all of the gifts God has given us. It is finally that time of year. Our chapel leadership team led us in singing “Jesus, Thank You,” “This is Amazing Grace,”  “What a Beautiful Name it is,” “Faithful to the End,” “Revelation Song.” In this chapel’s format, speakers of various backgrounds were chosen to share their hearts on what God has taught them. Our first speaker, senior Sarah Ludvik, led us in a reading of Psalms 136. Mrs. Garzon then spoke on being thankful during our times of weakness and trouble. She made it so clear that God doesn’t want our strength; he has plenty of that on his own. He uses our weakness for His plans. Mr. Nikkel talked about the good gifts that God has given him. Among those are his marriage, his dog Toby, and the men and women who started this school. He thanked God for something that many people don’t necessarily want to thank God for: his deepest sufferings. He made it clear that suffering leads to perseverance, perseverance to character, and character to a hope that is everlasting. And last but not least, Mr. Shoaf encouraged us to be thankful for our families. High school students often do not to give their parents enough credit for the great love they have for us and the things they do for our well being. We are not guaranteed the time we have with our families, so it is important to thank God for them and cherish them every day.

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