Re-Enrollment Financial Aid


Because NCS is dedicated to making Christian education accessible, we make it a priority to provide need-based financial aid. Even if you are currently receiving financial aid, you must re-apply every year to verify income and expenses.


As a Re-Enrolling Family, you receive first priority in the allocation of Financial Aid. We encourage you to apply for financial aid before or in conjunction with completion of the Re-Enrollment forms. We want you to know your tuition obligation before you sign.


If you have received financial aid previously, you already have a FACTS account. Follow the link to go back into your account and update the information for this year.


If you have not applied for Financial Aid before, follow the same link, click on "New User" to create an account. Then follow instructions to apply for Financial Aid.




STEP 1: Complete the FACTS application for the 2018-19 school year. This can be done at any time starting February 15. Preliminary Financial Aid decisions will be made by the Committee based on this information. The Financial Aid Committee will meet and award aid weekly throughout the Re-Enrollment Period - February 15 - March 2.


STEP 2: Submit tax documents to FACTS when completed so that FACTS can verify income. Preliminary Financial Aid awards will be rescinded if FACTS is unable to verify your information. Verification must be completed by May 1 in order to keep the Financial Aid award.


DO NOT WAIT to complete your FACTS application. Enrollment is high and there are not very many open seats. If you wait past the re-enrollment deadline (March 2), you will be competing with new students for financial aid which may result in receiving insufficient aid to make NCS accessible to your family.