Grace Mutzabaugh Scholarship

The Grace Mutzabaugh Memorial Scholarship

The Grace Mutzabaugh Scholarship was established to honor and continue the lasting impact of a teacher’s vocation in the life of their students. Towards this goal the scholarship advances the educational pursuit of our students by providing funds to be applied to the annual tuition of a senior student at Norfolk Christian Schools who has an interest in pursuing a post-secondary education in the field of teaching, especially one seeking to teach at the elementary school level.

Grace Mutzabaugh served as a teacher and later as principal of the Norfolk Christian Lower School in the formative years of the school’s history. She embodied the founding spirit and mission of Norfolk Christian to prepare students as ambassadors for Christ.
In 2013, one of Ms. Mutzabaugh’s former students, Dr. Caralee Capone, and her husband Howard Bethel, established an endowed scholarship to honor Grace Mutzabaugh and others like her who positively impact the lives of the students in their classroom.

Who is eligible to apply?

Any NCS junior who has already re-enrolled for their senior year and who has an interest in becoming a teacher.

What does the scholarship cover?

The 2022 scholarship funds of $1,500 will be applied to the annual tuition at NCS during the student’s senior year.
*The student accepting this scholarship also accepts a one-semester internship at one of the Norfolk Christian Lower School campuses as agreed to with the Guidance Department and Lower School Director. This internship is offered as an elective and will occupy 1-2 blocks per week in the semester chosen.