It is the mission of Norfolk Christian Schools to equip students spiritually, intellectually, and physically to love God and to serve Him as Christ’s ambassadors in the world.

Mission Statement

Vocational, educational and personal guidance are vital components of the NCS guidance program. We offer a testing and evaluation that enables our faculty to understand their students and challenges and help them resolve their problems using a Christian perspective. Group guidance activities also occur through health and Bible classes as well as bi-weekly chapels and advisor/advisee group meetings.  Individual mentoring is also available through the program.

Upper School

The Upper School Guidance Program exists to support the mission of Norfolk Christian Schools by removing barriers to learning and promoting the intellectual and spiritual growth of its students. Inherent in this mission is the goal of helping each student discover his or her gifts, strengths, and talents with a view to using them for God’s glory in His kingdom.

Personal and Spiritual Counsel

Issues arise in the lives of students and their families that make academic and spiritual growth difficult. We are committed to helping families with those issues to ensure, as best we can, a positive academic experience at our school. Our advising program helps in this pursuit.

It is important to know that our school does follow mandatory reporting guidelines.  Should circumstances arise in which abuse or neglect is suspected with regard to one of our students, a report to the proper authorities will be made. Also, in the case that a student expresses thoughts of hurting him or herself, suicidal thinking, or seriously harming another, it is our school’s procedure to require that an outside psychological evaluation be done prior to allowing this student to return to school for his or her own safety, as well as the safety of the school environment as a whole. Following the resulting treatment recommendations will also be required with ongoing documentation provided to the school.

Academic Counsel

Through the guidance office and our advising program, we offer timely and individualized help in setting goals and selecting courses for each year. When necessary, the guidance office will intervene with specific Student Intervention Plans (SIPs) to address the special learning needs of some of our students. Within each plan there are delineated responsibilities for the student, teacher, and parents. Academic accommodations are made for students who have been properly evaluated by appropriate testing and are included in the SIP. Plans in math and science classes begin in middle school to ensure students are appropriately challenged as high school approaches. The guidance department is charged with oversight of report cards for students, graduating seniors, and the fall conference with parents.

College and Career Guidance

In 11th grade, specific guidance toward post-high school decisions begins. Although academic counseling begins sooner, the details of the college decision-making process begins in September of the junior year. The link below will take you to the registration/login page for Naviance.


College Athletic Advising

The College Athletic Advisor starts by helping parents and students understand the world of college athletics and what activities the student and parent need to be involved in to pursue the available options.  Students and parents will have a plan for athletic development, narrow down a range of schools that meet their academic needs and determine the specific level (NCAA Division 1, 2, 3, NAIA, JUCO, NCCAA, etc) that is a best fit athletically.

Grading and Grade Reporting

Guidance is tasked with accurate recording and reporting of grades earned by students. The student grade-reporting information system, NetClassroom, is overseen by the guidance office. Orderly and accurate reporting of GPAs is a regular and important duty of the guidance office and includes both report cards each quarter and transcripts in support of college applications.

Jill Randall, M.A.
Director of Academic Advising
Mike Milligan
College Athletic Advisor
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Middle School & Lower School Guidance Counseling
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