Norfolk Christian 2021-2022 Annual Fund


The cost to educate a student at Norfolk Christian is actually more than the amount we charge for tuition.  In order to keep class sizes smaller while trying hard to keep tuition cost attainable, NCS raises a portion of the annual operating budget from fundraising sources outside of tuition and fees. We refer to this amount as the Annual Fund and it is used for classroom materials, technology, field trips, teacher development and many other basic daily expenses that contribute to the educational experience of every student at every campus

Help us ensure that our faculty is fully resourced and students receive the richest learning experience at all three of our campuses. Give to the Annual Fund today.

What is the Annual Fund?

The Annual Fund is money that comes entirely from donations and is used exclusively for essential program costs in the current school year, such as salaries, activities, computers, curriculum, lab equipment and utility bills.

Doesn’t tuition pay for the expense of running the school?

The cost to educate each student is actually more than the amount we charge in full tuition.  In order to keep class sizes smaller and trying hard to keep tuition cost as reasonable as possible, NCS raises 20% of the total annual operating budget from sources other than tuition and fees.

How much needs to be raised?

The 2021-22 school year goal is $505,000.

I’ve heard about the tax credit program; is that part of the Annual Fund?

The tax credit program is different from and independent of the Annual Fund as it is administered through a local foundation and specifically funds tuition scholarships for qualifying students based on income eligibility. If you are interested in lowering what you owe in Virginia state taxes while helping a student at NCS, just contact our Advancement Office at 757-233-8448.

How do I contribute?

The most common ways people make a gift are by mailing a check to the school (Norfolk Christian Schools, 255 Thole Street, Norfolk, VA 23505) or making a gift online via a credit card (just click on the Give to The Annual Fund button at the top of this section of the web site.)

Other tax savvy options include donating shares of stock, giving from an IRA or donating something of value like a car, home or valuable jewelry.

For more information on ways to give or to make a gift, call Rick Nikkel, Director of Advancement, at 757.233.8448, or email




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