It is the mission of Norfolk Christian Schools to equip students spiritually, intellectually, and physically to love God and to serve Him as Christ’s ambassadors in the world.

Mission Statement

High School

Choosing your courses to take in high school is an important process and should be done with much thought and prayer. There should be a dialogue between the student and parent as well. The Guidance office has provided many helpful documents which can be accessed from this website. Please be sure to review these documents thoroughly. Graduation requirements can be found in the Curriculum Guide and on the 4 Year Plan sheets. These need to be considered when requesting courses.

As the name indicates, these are requests for the courses a student would like to take. This is not the same as the student schedule. These requests and teacher availability are used to build the Master Schedule. The number of students requesting a course indicates how many sections of a course will be needed. This also directs whether or not a course will be offered. For these reasons, course requests are extremely important. Once the Master Schedule is finalized, students are then scheduled into classes. At that point the student schedule is created.

Course requests are completed through NetClassroom. Please see “How to Request Courses through NetClassroom” for more information. 

Jill Randall, M.A.
Director of Academic Advising
Mike Milligan
College Athletic Advisor
Jennifer Kenner