All great art is the expression of man’s delight in God’s work, not his own.

John Ruskin

An important part of a well-rounded school experience, music teaches skills that can be enjoyed for a lifetime, while providing an opportunity to glorify and celebrate Christ.

Norfolk Christian Schools offers a full complement of vocal classes and experiences, including trips, tours and concerts.

Lower School Music Introduction & Overview

Norfolk Christian offers general music instruction to all students for a weekly 30-minute period. Classes use the Silver Burdett Music Series, which provides excellent exposure to music of all styles and from all historical periods through listening, singing, and playing of instruments. Students also learn fundamental music theory and instruction appropriate to their grade level. Each child in grades 4 and 5 receives their own recorder and learns to play simple tunes.

Middle School Music

Norfolk Christian offers students in grades 6 and 7 music every other day during an elective block. The class is one semester long. Each grade level uses the Silver Burdett Music curriculum and continues to build on the foundational concepts taught at the lower grade levels. In addition to their general music lessons, the sixth grade class studies the roots of American music from colonial times to the present. Sixth-graders also learn to identify the instruments of the orchestra by sight and sound, as well as instruments and music from a wide range of world cultures. The seventh grade class experiences European music from medieval times to the present, focusing on major composers and they will also learn the basics of guitar playing.

High School Concert Choir

The High School Concert Choir is an elective course open to students in grades 8-12. No placement audition is required to take the course all are welcome to join and sing. Students receive a fine arts credit towards their graduation requirement after successful completion of one year in the chorus. The chorus performs at least 3 major school concerts, community concerts, and also tours out of state in the spring of each school year. The purchase and care of the concert attire is a requirement of the course.

The course equips students to use their voice for the glory of God. Use of healthy vocal technique, theory instruction, and ensemble participation help the students to improve their vocal skill and to become contributing members of the chorus. Opportunities for advanced instruction and performance are available on the local and state levels for students who excel.

Spring of each year brings an opportunity to expose students to music and performance venues outside of their locality and to use their gifts for God’s glory. In the past few years the Concert Choir has been privileged to travel to New York City, Nashville, Orlando, San Antonio, and Toronto.

Music Ensembles

Lower School Children’s Chorus

The Children’s Chorus is an auditioned group of approximately fifty students in grades 3-5 from the Norfolk campus. Students must be able to sing on pitch and to sit through a 45-minute weekly rehearsal that is held on Thursdays after school. The Children’s Chorus gives two school concerts each year and performs in chapels, at the mall during Christmas, and in competition at a local theme park (Busch Gardens, Kings Dominion), where they have received a Superior rating for the past two years. Members are required to purchase a black skirt/slacks and a white polo shirt to wear during performances.
Choristers: This 25 member ensemble of fourth and fifth grade students is a new addition to the Norfolk Christian music family. Students in this group have exhibited a strong talent, both in singing and music knowledge, and are focused in their approach to choral singing. This chorus meets during the school day, twice a week. Selection for this group is based on an audition and one year’s experience in the Children’s Chorus. Members are required to wear a white shirt, black skirt/slacks, and a vest for performances.

Middle School Chorus

The Middle School Chorus is a group of auditioned sixth and seventh grade students. They meet weekly on Wednesdays after school for a 45-minute rehearsal, working in cooperation with the athletic department to allow students to participate in the chorus and on the athletic teams. The chorus of 25 students performs at malls and the airport during Christmas, as well as giving chapel concerts and participating in a competition at a theme park ( Busch Gardens, Kings Dominion) in the spring. Members are required to wear a white polo shirt and khaki skirt/slacks for performances.


Windsong is a select, auditioned ensemble of the finest vocal students at Norfolk Christian. The group is open to students in grades 8-12. The ensemble meets for practice on Wednesday and Fridays from 7:15-8. Students in Windsong are required attend all rehearsals, to maintain their grades as well as attend all performances. Windsong is a musical ambassador for Christ in the community, performing at civic and church meetings, the airport, NCS home football games, senior centers, hospitals, The Founder’s Inn Grand Illumination, Busch Gardens Christmas Town, Bruton Parish in Williamsburg, school concerts, chapels, and the yearly Concert Choir tour. In December 2005 Windsong traveled to Vienna, Austria, to participate in the International Advent Festival.

    April 27-29 Spring Musical - You're A Good Man Charlie Brown