…to use whatever gift…to serve others, faithfully administering God’s grace in its various forms.”

1 Peter 4:10


Academically advanced students enrolled in Norfolk Christian Schools are provided with instruction through a differentiated curriculum that is responsive to the educational needs of the child. The Advanced Academics Program is grounded in a thorough general education curriculum that is differentiated, modified, accelerated and/or expanded to provide appropriate rigor for advanced students.

Advanced Academics Program for Lower School Students

Our Advanced Academics Program includes whole class Exploration Lessons and small, flexible Challenge Groups in both math and reading. Participation in Challenge Groups is based on demonstrated mastery of skills and is flexible throughout the school year. Challenge Groups expose the student to high level application of the skills that they are learning in the classroom. It helps the student to apply the skills to real world problems and gives depth and breadth to the application of the skill. Participation in Challenge Groups flexes as the students progress through different skills throughout the school year, thus students may move in and out of the group. All students are instructed in higher level thinking skills applied to content material during Exploration Lessons. This enables students to experience increased rigor, depth and complexity. The Advanced Academics Program teacher works with the classroom teacher to differentiate and design challenge levels for advanced students that continues in the regular classroom.

In addition, students are able to pursue special interests and design an Independent Study Project under the guidance and direction of the Advanced Academics Program Teacher.

Advanced Academics Program for Middle and High School Students

Students who have demonstrated ability will be placed in advanced classes. In some cases, students can be accelerated, compacting course material or skipping certain classes if mastery is demonstrated. In high school, capable students will be able to take honors classes, advanced placement classes, and college level classes. Mentors are available for students who wish to pursue topics of interest as an Independent Study Project.

Shanee McElveen, M.Ed.