Norfolk Christian is honored to be one of the premier Christian schools in the country.  Come see us in action and understand why!

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Norfolk Christian is honored to consider students and families for admission who are committed to partnering in a Biblically-centered education.  Admission is selective and based on prior academic performance, work ethic, testing, demonstrated Christian character and a clear desire to attend NCS. Let us help you get started.

Our expectations are high. We think yours should be too.

Admissions Criteria for Norfolk Christian Schools:


* At least one parent must be a professing believer in Jesus Christ, provide a written testimony of his or her relationship with Him and be committed to a lifestyle in agreement with our Statement of Faith.

* Pastoral references should attest to the regular attendance and commitment of at least one parent in a local church that teaches in agreement with our Statement of Faith.


* Applicant transcripts and testing should show at least average

understanding of grade level material and a clear desire to work to the best of their abilities.

* Teacher evaluations should show that applicants can succeed independently in a traditional classroom setting.


* Applicants should have a behavioral record that indicates a willingness to respect authority.   

* Teacher recommendations should testify to a student’s willingness to exhibit Godly character and have a positive influence on the classroom environment.

* Students and parents must be in good standing with previous schools and must not have exhibited behavior that was disruptive to the school community.


* Need-based financial aid is available each school year.  Aid is not available for preschool or part-time students and is distributed to  current families first.

* Families coming from another private school must be in good financial standing and have fulfilled their obligations before applying.  A letter on school letterhead may be requested.

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