christian high school

High School

High School is a life-changing time at Norfolk Christian. From their first step into a freshman class to the moment their caps are tossed in the air, students become more confident each day in their abilities to lead, to push through challenges, to find their passions, to excel at their talents, to love others as themselves and to live as Ambassadors for Christ.

Teacher Relationships

There is no greater impact on our students’ lives than their teachers. Our incredible staff knows their subject matter like no others, and they know high schoolers; they know each is wonderfully and fearfully made with unique talents that God designed for His glory. Building on a foundation of deep caring and trust, they encourage students to push past their limits and hold tightly the truth that God has an intricate plan for each of their lives.

Preparing for College

This is the time that our team becomes intently focused on preparing each student for life after graduation. A four-year plan ensures they are taking the right classes to pursue their post-high-school dreams, and a wealth of Honors and AP classes provides the highest level of challenge for those seeking admission to selective programs.  


Dozens of diverse clubs allow students to engage in academic enrichment, STEM, leadership, cultural, and charitable pursuits outside of the classroom.  Thirty JV and Varsity athletic teams compete in the Tidewater Conference of Independent Schools (TCIS) and at the state level through the Virginia Independent Schools Athletic Association (VISAA). Fine arts groups offer the chance to perform in choral music, band, theatre and visual art. Audition-based groups like Show Choir, the a Capella ensemble, main stage theatrical performances and various regional competitions allow students to excel in their craft and receive resume-building awards and recognition.

Local and Global Service

Numerous community service opportunities connect these young adults with those in need in the world around them, helping them discover the people and causes they find most dear. From volunteering with local schools and non-profits, to helping individuals in need, to joining missions and service trips around the globe, students learn the joy of carrying out the Great Commission. A senior project is the culminating activity for each high school student as they spend the year immersed in one organization or group where their contributions will have lasting impact. A final presentation for school administration, teachers, parents and peers lets them share their passion and perfects the public speaking skills which will serve them in every area of life.