The Places They’ll Go

College-preparatory, distinctly Christian.

We don’t make that claim lightly. We’re proud of our students; they work hard and have the college acceptances to show for it. (See our five-year College Acceptance list below.) Our College Counseling Office provides individualized support beginning in ninth grade to help students define their interests, highlight their talents, and make their post-high-school dreams become reality. That may be why 90% of our seniors are accepted into their first choice schools, including some of the most prestigious and selective universities in the country.

When they leave us, NCS alumni take the name “Ambassador” with them far and wide. Our last four graduating classes currently attend 92 colleges around the world and were offered admission to more than 180 unique institutions. Many had earned enough AP and Dual Enrollment credits to enter with a semester or full year already accomplished.

Wherever they land, we hear one report from our grads over and over: “I was so much better-prepared than my new classmates.” That’s when we know they get it: theirs was no ordinary college-prep education. And those faces who poured into them, challenged them and cheered them on over the years are no ordinary teachers. This is what academic excellence looks like.

Back at home, our investment doesn’t end when students turn their tassels. They may be gone from our hallways but their NCS family never stops praying for them by name, mentoring them through the highs and lows of new independence, and reminding them of their first calling in that great new world – to be Ambassadors for Christ in all they do.

Quick Facts:

Most Attended Schools: University of Virginia, Virginia Tech, Liberty University, James Madison University

Top Areas of Study: Nursing, Biology, Business, Education, Engineering

Top Graduate Pursuits: Healthcare, Law, Business

Public vs. Private: Approximately 65% of our college students attend public institutions in Virginia and around the country while 35% choose private schools, the majority of those being Christian colleges and universities.

Average grads attending Va. Public Colleges & Universities

Average recruited to play Collegiate Sports

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