Academic Support

For students with diagnosed learning differences and/or other learning challenges.

In conjunction with the NCS mission, the goal of our Academic Support Program is to serve students with learning differences by providing individualized educational accommodations and equipping them with the skills and strategies necessary to become independent, lifelong learners who love Jesus.

Our Academic Support Team will review applicants with identified learning challenges to determine if their needs can be met with the services we provide. If accepted a Student Support Plan will be developed to address individual educational differences. A variety of programs are offered:


At the Lower School

Children with Student Support Plans have the opportunity to work with a teacher in small groups or individually both in and out of the classroom. The academic support teacher works in conjunction with the classroom teacher to provide educational accommodations and to enhance instruction whenever possible.

Coming soon-
“Train Your Brain Club” An Executive Functioning Group that meets once a week after school. This program is open to all students, and requires an additional fee.


At the Upper School

Learning Labs

The Learning Lab was designed to assist students of all learning types achieve academic success in our rigorous college prep program. Students diagnosed with Specific Learning Disabilities or other academic challenges, as well as students who struggle with executive function skills and curricular content, may be referred to the Learning Lab. In a positive classroom environment students learn to embrace who they are and develop strategies to address their individual challenges.

Math Labs

The purpose of the Math Lab is to provide extra individualized assistance for students to achieve academic success in their math classes. The mission is to help students by focusing on learning and using math vocabulary, increasing math fluency, strengthening and applying math skills and connecting and explaining math concepts.

Executive Functioning Program

Students have the opportunity to work with an Executive Function coach who provides customized and comprehensive support, fosters independence and confidence, helps students work more effectively, and teaches the skills necessary for success in school and beyond. All students are eligible, and there is an additional fee.

At all campuses

Southeastern Therapy for Kids

NCS has partnered with Southeastern Therapy for Kids, Inc. to provide our students with access to private speech and occupational therapy sessions on site for all three campuses. This service is contracted through Southeastern and is billed through your insurance.