It is the mission of Norfolk Christian Schools to equip students spiritually, intellectually, and physically to love God and to serve Him as Christ’s ambassadors in the world.

Mission Statement

PTC stands for “Parent Teacher Community,” an organization created by parents, teachers and administrators of Norfolk Christian Schools to provide opportunities for the Norfolk Christian body to utilize their gifts and talents in new and exciting ways for the good of the school.

The PTC helps us fulfill our goal of building a partnership between faculty and parents to help children reach their full potential academically, socially and spiritually. We feel this is best facilitated in an environment offering frequent opportunities for fellowship and a free exchange of ideas.

The Norfolk Christian Schools PTC is structured to offer parents a choice of volunteer activities without overloading anyone with “unexpected” duties. This includes offering working parents opportunities to be involved on their own terms and at times most convenient for their schedules.

Each campus has a Campus Leadership Team consisting of the principal, the campus community leader, the community prayer leader, the room parent coordinator and a faculty representative. This team is charged with creating the necessary committees to meet PTC’s goals.

Each Campus Leadership Team will arrange campus-specific meetings throughout the year. Please consult the parent’s page on this website for information about the times and places of these meetings.